Are we supposed to eat meat ?

So when coming up with this answer.

I never think God wants us to eat meat.

After all we have a sideways chewing action,
Our intestines are far to long to be a carnivore,
And we have blunt teeth.
 As stats this man.

Also I  believe humans where given dominion over the animals .
You can look up 
Genesis 1:26

I believe  dominion means you have responsibility for the animals and there well being and there care.
Not  so you can slit there necks, Use there hide. Sacrifice them ,

(Why would God go to all that effort to create life to have man end it?]

And as for sacrifice to forgive our sins .

If there was already,
Sin, Bloodshed, and suffering.

Why create more ??

Why do people need to be abboitair workers.?

Why should people be used to killing ?

Anyway as for the question

" are we supposed to eat meat."

I will leave that up to you.

But you can watch this video as its very good and a logical clever video.
Its not that graphic,
And I highly recommend it.
For anyone who is interested in the topic or wants to see research on the topic.

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