A thought.

So I have been thinking why do people speak of how death is so terrible here on earth?

And I thought I would type my opinion down.

Death has always been seen as something terrible, Horrible and so on...

And often times it can be,

Though tell me this why do people go to the vet with there pet dog and get them "put to sleep"

After all that is death is it not ?

They love that pet dog, There willingly cutting that dogs life shorter then it could be.

I tell you why,
Because that pet dog is in pain and is suffering and they use death to end the suffering of there dog.

Simple, Though of course the most and best possible option would be a cure, But in some cases the owner will not have knowledge to cure the pet dog,
Or the owner will truly believe the vet,
And believe/know there dog is truly suffering and will not be cured so its best to put them out of there misery .

Now considering there is sin on the earth, We all know there has and will be suffering till Jesus comes.

So I ask you this If there was sin on this earth and yet death was not a option,
If nobody died here on this earth everyone would cry.
Because all you would see is suffering that never ended and that never could end.
Death is the end result of sin.
From the day you or anything else is born your dying its in your DNA.
There is a set time we die,
That's why in so many movies when the animal breaks its leg ect the dad goes

"I'm sorry honey but where going to have to put bessy down"


conclusion Yes I think death is awful,
But I think suffering that never ended would be worse .


  1. Some good thoughts here, KL! And you are right, that it's better for suffering to end, as it will happen, while on this earth.

    1. Thank you, And thank you for your supportive comment!